First Light


When Peter’s father, a climatologist, determines to take his family on his latest expedition to Greenland, the problems seem to be in the leave-taking, the cold, the preparations. However, Peter’s soaring headaches, so closely aligned to his mother’s failing health, and the odd ice shelf that Peter and his father’s assistant discover, lead to revelations of which he could never dream. This ice shelf is marked by a red bracelet; beneath the ice lies a whole, waiting world….

First Light‘ is a wonderful, apocalyptic book is a ‘stand-alone’ story. Rebecca Stead is a rare author, who offers something different in every title. ‘First Light‘ is not only different, but mesmerising; the story stays within the reader. It is quite exceptional. We recommend it highly.


First Light

Rebecca Stead

(Andersen Press)

The unsurpassable Rebecca Stead creates a dream-weaver story. ‘First Light‘ is curious, compelling and highly original. We recommended ‘First Light‘ highly to all independent, confident readers aged from 11 years.

Rebecca Stead won the Newbery Medal for ‘First Light‘.


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