First Little Rhymes: Out and About


‘The wind has got his scarf on/ he is blowing through the land’. Then again, there are some winds that are so whooooshing that it’s as though they might be ‘blowing me/ up the hill’!

Joseph Coelho and Nicola Killen collaborate upon First Little Rhymes: Out and About for newer readers. These verse are formed so as to be read often, recited, referred to and loved. They’re crisp and fresh and consider the world of the newer reader. Thereafter, we’ve the faces and arms and skin loved and known by little readers. Furthermore, we step out to the world to feel the ‘big booming city‘ with its ‘buzz’ and ‘cheer‘.

We glide in the supermarket trolley, winding through ‘magical things/ like the fruit and vegetable elves‘. Meanwhile, the journey games offers the chance to respond to outdoor sights and sounds, from trees and cars, to cows and clouds. What would you say to a cloud?

Bookwagon loves and recommends First Little Rhymes: Out and About as an essential addition to every newer reader’s experience.

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First Little Rhymes: Out and About

Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Nicola Killen

(Andersen Press)

‘Different parents,/ same love’. Same Difference, with its repetition and comparisons opens Out and About from Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Nicola Killen. It seems that these First Little Rhymes look to the world about us, from the hairdresser to the ‘cranes in the sky’. Then again, we experience different weather, with verse that builds upon The Sun Has Got Her Hat On. In this version, ‘The sun has got his beam on/ shining on the sea and sand‘. What might the rain have on? Could there be boots? In fact, might this version bear a nod to Emma Perry’s Puddling! Thereafter, doesn’t some weather demand its own verse? What about The Whooshing Wind?
What else might we discover in the great world outside? Could there be pigeons? Cows to say ‘Moomoomoo’ to? Or even red cars to spot?
Then again what about inside the trolley? ‘Gliding- between the shelves’? Could there be hidden ‘fruit and vegetable elves‘? Bookwagon knows the importance of reading to children, alongside building a constant, regular flow of reading experience. Furthermore, the role of rhyme, repetition, colour and observations are all fundamental to building readers who integrate with the world. Bookwagon suggests that First Little Rhymes: Out and About is a splendid place to start, an essential addition to every newer reader’s reading experience!


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