Fish Boy


Billy is besieged by worries. From school, with the threat of Jamie Watts, to home, with Mum’s mysterious illness, Billy feels frozen by fear. An inner running wildlife commentary from Sir David Attenborough offers some sense to his routine existence. That, and his daily swimming, where Billy, ‘Fish Boy‘ can forget it all, explore and contemplate, until the day he is approached by a talking mackerel.

Fish Boy‘ has something rare in that we, the readers, hear Billy’s inner voice. We know his anxieties, loyalties, comforts- from beans to the Merz wall- and his empathy. So, does new boy Patrick.

This is a rich novel of real life. We know about and care for Billy. Chloe Daykin has created a lead character who is wonderful, infuriating and real. Committed readers will relish reading ‘Fish Boy‘.

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Fish Boy

Chloe Daykin

(Faber & Faber)

When you’re scared and trapped, you feel all at sea. That’s how Billy, aka ‘Fish Boy‘ feels. From home to school, everything is pressured and uncertain, and only the sea offers escape and opportunity. Then, he hears, ‘Kezdodik’ from a silver scaled mackerel…

Winner of the Northern Writers’ Award


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