Fish Dream of Trees


There are glimmers of Struwwelpeter within some verses in ‘Fish Dream of Trees‘. There are also reminders of 1960’s- 70’s Ladybird poems. There is nonsense verse:- ‘Treat a man like a dog/ Then take him to the park/ Soon he’ll fetch sticks/ Chase squirrels and bark.’ There is proverb style verse too, e.g., ‘The aliens were puzzled/ What on earth are books for?’

The curiosity value is high but only serves to emphasise the variety, the quality and the range of works and styles included in ‘Fish Dream of Trees‘. There are many opportunities to share, learn and recite. As ever, Axel Scheffler’s illustrations are line perfect, detailing the thoughts and topics beautifully.

‘Fish Dream of Trees‘ would be a wonderful gift for a young child, a youngster heading to university, or a family. It is quite unique, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Fish Dream of Trees and other curious verses

Axel Scheffler Frantz Wittkamp, adapted by Roger McGough

(Two Hoots)- hardback

Bizarre, provocative, outrageous and funny, Frantz Wittkamp’s verses in ‘Fish Dream of Trees’ are sure to delight and intrigue readers of all ages. We love them!


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