Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja


Bodhi’s parents are oceanographers currently investigating the effects of climate change on the oceans. Although their work means travel and discovery Bodhi is unimpressed. He is wary of the oceans and often disgusted by the creatures his parents investigate. When we meet the family, they’re aboard a boat outside the Galapagos. Bodhi’s father is researching sea cucumbers.

Bodhi is supsicious of the green concoction handed to him by Emely, daughter of the boat’s skipper. After all, she’s pranked him with foods and drinks before! Yet, he swigs this down, declaring it’s all right, until… suddenly, we are in the company of Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja.

Not only is Bodhi adept at diving and enthralled by the ocean paradise, but he’s able to breathe underwater! Furthermore, he seems to have picked up a marine iguana companion, whom he and Emely name Guapo. While Bodhi and Emely need to be reunited with their boat and parents, it appears that Guapo has an instinct to help them. Thereafter, Bodhi’s new oceanic skills have him enraptured by the creatures. This leads him to share his new learning with us, following his parents’ lead. In Fish Kid Facts we read about creatures as diverse as jellyfish, Galapagos Sally Lightfoot crabs, barracuda, hammerhead sharks and marine iguana. What happens when Guapo, a member of that last species, strays too far from his warm ocean environment to support Bodhi?

Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja is a fascinating early chapter book where the ninja hijinks are surpassed by the setting, knowledge, message and discoveries.


Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja

Kylie Howarth

(Walker Books)

Although Bodhi’s parents’ lives and work are ocean bound, he feels disconnected until the green drink that results in Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja. What has Emely created? It seems like green smoothie of sea cucumber and jellyfish has unexpected results! The oceans enthral Bodhi! Furthermore, it seem as though he’s able to breathe under water in some way. What will Bodhi discover?
We travel alongside this urgent, junior oceanographer outside the Galapagos Islands. While we’re unlikely to become quite as attached to a marine iguana like Guapo, as Bodhi, we’re entranced. Barracuda, sea lions, hammerhead sharks are amongst the creatures that Fish Kid Bodhi encounters and describes.
While Bodhi has the exceptional skill of Ninja Kid, this emergent oceanographer has other fish to fry. It seems that an accidental concoction has brought his ocean going talents and observations to life! Thereafter, we are the lucky readers who enjoy realising what he discovers in Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja.


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