Fixer the Robot


‘Fixer the Robot’ trudges up the hill to a day of ‘helping the other robots dig and push and drill.’ He mends Dug’s broken spade with his hot, welding light. Fixer swaps his battery with Bull’s that Bull can shift a pile of rubble. Fixer is the go-to machine!

Fixer’s selfless initiative is so encouraging. His positive energy and consideration are heart-warming. John Kelly offers bold, full, busy images within his word-perfect rhyming text.

‘Fixer the Robot‘ is likely to become a favourite book of fascination to young readers. The action, problem-solving, rhyme and bright pictures are accessible and enticing. This is a delightful title.

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Fixer the Robot

John Kelly

(Faber & Faber)

‘Fixer the Robot’ trundles up the hill every day to help the other robots. His selfless practicality is fascinating. Join Fixer on a rhyming day’s work and see all that he can do!


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