Flea Seeks Dog


It seems it’s time for Flea to leave home, to ‘see other dogs’ then ‘to find a new dog for [his] home‘. Therefore, he packs his knapsack and leaves his dog. Yet what is it like in the big, wide world of dogs?

We journey with Flea through dogs that are ‘too loud and too cheeky,. Too quiet and sneaky.‘ Then there are dogs that are ‘Too dirty. Too clean. Too greedy. Too lean’. Furthermore, Flea is really tested on a double page of spotty dogs! Where can Flea find a place that’s fit for him?

The range of dogs and their demeanours, actions and expressions is hilarious. Nathan Reed goes to town on the pictures so that we linger over them, examining and loving what we see. Then Will Mabbitt’s rhyme is hilarious! This is a book that should be read, reread, remembered and recited with aplomb!

Bookwagon loves and recommends Flea Seeks Dog.

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Flea Seeks Dog

Will Mabbitt and Nathan Reed

(Hachette)- hardback

It’s time that Flea Seeks Dog. Thereafter, he packs his knapsack and offers that he ‘simply needs to be FREE’. Yet will he find another dog as good as his home? We join his adventure in this wonderful rhyming picture book.
It seems he must hop through many different dogs on his mission to find another. What’s more he’s facing dogs that are ‘too big. Too small. Too short. Too tall.‘ Then there are hairy, scary, ball chasing dogs before loud, cheeky, quite and sneaky dogs! Where will Flea find ‘a new dog for [his] home‘?.
Bookwagon loves Nathan Reed’s highly descriptive illustrations as in the Sam Wu series, starting with Sam Wu is NOT afraid of GHOSTS. Then again, Will Mabbitt’s titles are firm favourites, including I Can Only Draw Worms. Therefore, in this collaboration, we exalt in the rhyme, but also the full picture book story. It means that when Flea encounters a ‘too quiet’ canine, there’s an hilarious inner story with the ‘too sneaky‘ dog and a row of sausages!
Flea travels forth through mopey, lopey, leaky and greedy dogs, amongst others, before arriving at a cacophony of spotty dogs. Will Flea find a home here? This double spread is a triumph, for every dog is so individual, poised and thereafter hopped through by Flea!
Thereafter, we wonder how our allegiance is with Flea, hoping he’ll find a home, but also thinking of his Dog…
Bookwagon loves Flea Seeks Dog. We recommend this title for early years reading, bedtime stories and many opportunities for sharing.


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