Nobody wants ‘Fleabag’. He lingers in the park, the ‘big green place’, hoping for somebody to notice him, that he could be one of those dogs with somebody to take for a walk. A chance encounter with a lonely boy in the park, initiates a ball game, a tickle, and then a rescue mission. Is this the chance ‘Fleabag‘ deserves?

Helen Stephens lays on the sentiment subtly; ‘Fleabag‘ is an ‘any dog’ but one whom we all cheer on, hoping that somebody will notice him and take him home, as a ‘forever’ dog.

We love this book, and recommend it to our readers.



Helen Stephens

(Alison Green Books)

There was once a dog who had no home, no-one to play with, to pat him, to love him, until….. ‘Fleabag’ is a tender story about love in unexpected places..


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