‘Flight‘ is the only passage to safety open to Jakob and his guardian, Herr Engel. However this means  leading the precious Lipizzanner stallions wanted by Hitler, through the Austrian mountains to Sankt Martin. It is an uncertain and perilous journey, made more dangerous by the group’s pursuit by SS officer Major Bauer, determined to expose Herr Engel and Jakob.

There’s an unexpected surprise en route, and many ‘heart in mouth’ moments. Yet, the trust and understanding between guardian and mentee, and the loving warmth shown their prized charges, is created strongly and empathetically.

‘Flight‘ isn’t an ‘easy’ read. It’s real, tough and provocative. We wonder about Jakob’s past and future, and that of Kizzy, the stranger who joins their ‘Flight’. Vanessa Harbour has created a really meaningful, strong story of a time in history that must be known and remembered.

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Vanessa Harbour

(Firefly Press)

‘Flight’ is the only avenue available for Jakob, Herr Engel and the world famous Lipizzanner stallions. When Major Bauer discovers what and whom Herr Engel has been hiding, he is determined to expose and dispose of them. While Herr Engel has sheltered Jakob and his secret, Jakob has become close to the horses. They have become his home. What will a journey across the Alps entail for Jakob? What might he encounter and who might he meet?  This is 1945, a time where it seems as though the world has been stretched to breaking point by war and lies. Is it possible, therefore, for a young boy to ferry precious horses on such a perilous journey?
Jakob and Herr Engel’s ‘Flight’ reveals a surprise and takes great courage in the face of danger and the unknown.


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