Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh!


It seems the elves have been rushed off their feet with presents to make, gift wrap and deliver to Santa all ready for him to deliver. However Santa is not inclined to deliver presents this Christmas. He says doesn’t ‘want to do it. Someone else can do it this year‘. Yet who else is there? What’s more, what will he do if he’s not delivering gifts?

Mrs Claus suggests that he can ‘peel the sprouts‘. However, Santa’s not too keen. Thereafter, Holly and Tinsel put on their thinking (elf) caps to hatch an idea to get Santa moving. Could a polar bear change his mind? Lights on the tree? Building a snowman. It’s certain that the constant singing is annoying him. Thereafter he escapes to the reindeer, but even there, they’re quick to sing, too. Is it possible that the only course of action is for Santa to take the first ‘milk and cookies’ offered and thereafter to Fly, Fly, Fly {His} Sleigh through Christmas Eve?

With warm humour, funny rhyme, bright characters and a really lovely setting, Bookwagon suggests Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh is a perfect choice for singing and reading tighter!

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Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh!

John Hay and Garry Parsons

(Pan Macmillan)

It seems that it’s time for Santa to Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh! However, he’s not in the mood. He suggests that somebody else can deliver the Christmas presents this year. Oh dear! What are the elves to do? Might it be that a happy song could work? That’s what Holly suggests. However, it seems to make Santa more annoyed? Is it possible that Mrs Claus’ suggestion that he might ‘peel the sprouts’ could move Santa to head to the sleigh, or might he need another song?
It seems that even the arrival of a polar bear cannot shift Santa’s mood. What’s more the songs appear to be making him crosser! What about some snowman building? Or even ice cream?
John Hay and Garry Parsons who brought us “You Live Where?!” return with a very funny Christmas picture book. Alongside the rhyming songs, is a cavalry of Christmas characters all busy preparing for the big day. However, it seems that Santa Claus cannot be moved. What’s more, he retreats to the reindeers for peace and quiet. Will this do the trick? Or might they have some songs alongside some ‘milk and cookies’, too? Let’s see how everyone encourages Santa to Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh! 


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