Fly Tiger Fly


The Triumphant Tiger Tree includes the names of tiger trailblazers such as Uncle Paul, the first tiger to ever have a haircut. Great Uncle Donovan, meanwhile, was the first tiger to swim around the world with an iguana. Riku is determined to have his picture included upon this hall of fame as the first tiger to fly. His family encourage him, Fly Tiger Fly. However, which of Riku’s many plans might work, if any?

Jim, Riku’s ‘little feathered friend‘, has doubts about Riku’s efforts. Other animals watch and laugh, or are astounded by his efforts-  ‘Lucky you were wearing a helmet.’ Will Riku abandon his quest, or could there be a way?

Rikin Parekh’s story is absolutely delightful. Furthermore his pictures, and story development, with asides, and so much to dwell over and enjoy, are rich and enjoyable. His characterisation reminds this bookseller of the style of Neal Layton, with its sketchy edges and innocent eyes.

We love Fly Tiger Fly and recommend it highly to your picture book readers. This is a ‘forever’ title.

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Fly, Tiger Fly

Rikin Parekh


Fly Tiger Fly for ever since Riku can remember he’s dreamed of being the first every flying tiger.  While Riku’s family has ‘always encouraged him‘, how can he put his dream into practice? Riku’s ‘little feathered friend,’ Jim, has his doubts.
We watch Riku work through plans that include Tiger Wings. Maybe springs, beans or an umbrella tree might be the route to Riku’s triumph? What will work? Will Riku maintain his confidence, or could something else be needed to help our stripy friend?
Riku’s wall of flying tiger pictures and the Triumphant Tiger Tree are amusing inclusions in this wonderful picture book. We love the ‘turn to camera’ observations of Jim and a gallery of animal spectators also. While Riku’s desire is similar to that of the characters in Wings and I can fly the development and pictures are unique to each.
Bookwagon welcomes Fly Tiger Fly aboard. This is a beautiful picture book that is destined to be enjoyed, shared and loved by many lucky readers.


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