Follow Finn


Finn awakens to chaos. The goblins have rampaged his home. Quickly he grabs his clothes and trails Sep, the dog, in pursuit of Big Goblin. Let’s jump aboard! Let’s ‘Follow Finn’.

It’s a ‘wild pursuit‘ through dragons, a spooky wreck, drooling rocks, a flying carpet, sleeping creatures and a royal rat. Finn and Sep travel deep underground, through castle mazes, confusions of ‘stairways, halls and bridges’, a labyrinth, dragon swarms and underwater worlds. This is a spectacular adventure! Hold your breath!

Peter Goes has thrown everything into this rip-roaring escapade. He draws us along paths and alleyways, tips and turns and 3-D magic, with detailed differently monotoned pages with each new step. His text is lyrical and enticing. We watch for the variety of landmarks and creatures he includes, while tracking Finn and Sep’s progress. Where is Big Goblin?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this ‘search-and-find maze book‘ to our collection. Step into a wonderful adventure!

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Follow Finn

A search-and-find maze book

Peter Goes

(Gecko Press)

‘Follow Finn‘ through the chaos! He’s awakened to discover ‘the goblins are on the loose’. Can Finn find his clothes and this dog, Sep, to track down those pesky goblins? Let’s join the chase! He takes a winding path lit only by ‘mysterious eyes‘, yet the goblins are faster. Where to next? Shall we use a lamp to light the path through the garden outside the great castle? What will it reveal?
Further and deeper Finn and Sep trail the goblins. Deep underground light is low; only ‘the drooling rock, a royal rat and an old dragon‘ might aid our adventurers. Where are the goblins headed? Down ‘stairways, halls and bridges‘, past sleeping creatures to walls of locked doors. Which key will penetrate? It seems like there’s a magic carpet en route to our adventurers. Surely this will help them head off Big Goblin!
‘Follow Finn‘ is a 3-D, intricate, demanding ‘pick a path’ through the magic book. It is compulsive and laden. Furthermore the text is gripping and needs constant reference. What a treat!


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