Follow Me, Flo!


Daddy Duck makes Flo promise that she’ll stick close. Follow Me, Flo! he calls, before setting off ‘somewhere new’. Yet as he asks Flo to sing his song, she strikes out, singing her own LOUD, HIGH tune, that steers her all the way to the fun fair! Flo wants the delights of her own course and adventure. She doesn’t want to tread in Daddy’s webbed footprints!

Yet, Flo’s ‘Follow, follow, follow me, I’m little duckie FLO!’ chant might delight her so that she is be SO carried away as to be unaware of danger! For there’s a Roxy Fox follower, who’s keen to make the most of Flo’s independence!

Can Flo strike it back to meet up with Daddy? Thereafter, will she share his tune and adventure?

The humour and characterisation are rich and warm. Jarvis’s wonderful picture books are huge favourites with Bookwagon and our readers. We are delighted, therefore to welcome and recommend, Follow Me, Flo!

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Follow Me, Flo!


(Walker Books)

Follow Me, Flo! calls Daddy. They’re off to visit Auntie Jenna’s new nest. Daddy knows that Flo is inclined to chase and hide, so she’s under strict instructions. Daddy suggests they sing a song as they travel, to which Flo agrees readily because ‘she can sing VERY high and VERY LOUD.’  However Daddy Duckie’s song is all right only, for it includes lots of instructions such as ‘Follow me UP… Follow me DOWN… Look straight ahead, and NOT AROUND!’
Therefore, Flo elects to make up her own song, that determines she goes ‘SUPER- FAST‘ amongst other things, all the way to the Funfair! Yet Daddy’s promises are not all about squashing Flo’s fun, for there may be hidden, foxy dangers in striking it out as a lone duckling! Readers know about dodgy journeys and have a hunch about this one! Watch out Flo!
Jarvis creates enticing books for young readers like Mrs Mole, I’m Home! or his updated version of Mary Had a Little Lamb. His characters are charming, the sequencing full of drama and humour, while his storytelling is so engaging. We recommend you join the trail and Follow Me, Flo! for a wonderful picture book experience.


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