Fooled Ya!


We have been held captive by ‘Fooled Ya!’ It opens with an approachable, yet detailed description of how the brain works, with clean graphics by Emily Bornoff. This book leaves no stone uncovered  in its explanation of the title. What happens when we look at optical illusions, how we have been ‘tricked’ by the practices of master illusionists, the conventions of card tricks, are explained in detail. ‘Fooled Ya!’ enters the world of con artists, seers and astrologers also.

We recommend this wonderful title highly to the point that we’ve continued to nominate family and friends, near and far, who would LOVE this book as we do! ‘Fooled Ya!’ will captivate readers aged from 9  or 10 to adult.


Fooled Ya!

How Your Brain Gets Tricked By Optical Illusions, Magicians, Hoaxes & More

Jorda D. Brown, illustrations by Emily Bornoff

(Moon Dance Press) – hardback

This book held the Bookwagon team captivated. From the brain’s workings, to the methods of con artists, magicians and astrologers,’Fooled Ya!‘ is an outstanding title. We recommend it to all our readers, aged from 9 or 10 to adult.


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