For All the Stars Across the Sky


Luna is yawning. It’s time for pyjamas and bed. Yet before she goes to sleep, Mum asks her to make a wish For All the Stars Across the Sky. For what will she wish? Might it be to fly with Mum across mountaintops and clouds? Could there be further wishes? Maybe to explore the depths of the oceans, ‘to dip and dive in corals made of every colour’? What  if the wishes extended to becoming as small as ladybirds? ‘Let’s catch a ride and slip and slide!’

The possibilities are endless, the wonder and descriptions, quite glorious. There’s such closeness between Luna and Mum, a knowledge and trust built between them.

For All the Stars Across the Sky is a gentle, luxuriant, pillow soft and word lilting picture book, perfect for bedtime reading. Bookwagon loves this wonderful picture book.


For All the Stars Across the Sky

Karl Newton, illustrated by Chiaki Okada


At the end of the day, it’s time for bed, time for Luna to make a wish For All the Stars Across the Sky.What will Luna wish? Maybe it will be to ‘fly like birds’? Mum wonders with her, thinking of ‘mountaintops and patchwork fields, ‘just you, the clouds and me’. Yet, there’s more, for Luna has further bedtime wishes. Where will she and Mum travel beyond the land of sleep?
Karl Newson has created an end of day, wonder-filled story. This is the stuff of dreams and possibilities, nurture and bonding. For what would you wish? Thereafter, Chiaki Okada’s pictures are gentle, sleep softened, sky and ocean rich. The subtle hues suggest opportunities and offer glories that might be shared in a wonderland future.
Like Who’s Going to Bed?, For All the Stars Across the Sky is a bedtime story classic. Furthermore, there’s a suggestion that these words might become a family question, for nighttime, times of worry, or closeness. Bookwagon loves this gentle, loving picture book and recommends it to reading families.


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