For Every One


‘For Every One‘ is a rallying call to our inner, dreaming voice. Jason Reynolds stirs us into action through his entreaty to listen, take stock and take time. He says his ‘dream/ won’t stop crying,/ screaming/ like a colicky infant.‘ He talks about the ‘thumping insecurity‘ of his dream, yet the reality that he has to ‘jump anyway.

For anyone crippled by fear, doubt, insecurity or indecision, which is ‘everyone‘For Every One‘ is stirring, heartwarming fuel. In the introduction, Jason Reynolds shares his observation that dreams can seem ‘foolish‘, yet they’re ‘painfully undeniable.’

For Every One‘ is slight yet HUGE. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Bookwagon is fuelled by the fire of this magnificent poetic letter ‘For Every One.’


For Every One

Jason Reynolds

(Knights Of Media)

Jason Reynolds explains in his introduction that he started writing ‘For Every One’ as a letter to himself, to ‘keep from quitting.’ ‘For Every One’ is a verse/ poem/ letter, an urgent call of resilience and purpose, necessary ‘For Every One.’ 


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