Four Good Liars


While Layla’s family is focused upon finding the money that might save her little brother’s life, Liam’s desperate to win favour with Tristram, his boyfriend. Tristram’s invited him to join the New Year ski trip to Verbier, for example, and needs Liam’s deposit. Now. Where can Liam find that sort of money?

Meanwhile, Kai’s hiding in homes about Sandstown after his mother and sister moved to Bristol. If he had money he could find somewhere safe to live, somewhere where his family might be together.

Then, Fliss? Well the Cavendish name might draw admiration in the local press and with the town’s luxury hotel, but she’s aware the finances are not what they seem to be. Then there’s the small matter of a blackmailer….

Therefore, what will the four of them choose to do should they be the only passengers aboard ‘a journey from hell”? When a furious Audi driver and their school bus driver engage in a game of cat and mouse across the cliffs that results in fatalities, they are the only survivors. However, there’s more…. a cache containing £1 million. Wouldn’t this money change their lives forever? However, what if this money is being sought by criminals who’ll stop at nothing for its recovery, and then, by police? Furthermore, are they equipped to outwit criminals and the law? Finally and most critically, who do they trust? Each other? It doesn’t seem likely…

Bookwagon recommends Four Good Liars to our older, teen, YA reading audience.

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Four Good Liars

Sarah Wishart


Fliss shuns ‘the Poverty Express’. After all, it’s bad enough that there are cracks in her family’s Cavendish standing, but to associate with the other passengers?
It’s Inset Day for Lower School so there are only Four Good Liars aboard the bus on ‘the journey from hell’. When Kai boards, he’s just avoided a furious Audi driver. However, the driver seems to be targeting the school bus. What’s more, their driver behaves aggressively, dangerously, toward this attack. What is going on? Then again, what might happen when the passengers scrape themselves out of an ensuing crash to discover a life changing truth. What would you do if you discovered a cache of £1 million? Would your decision depend on your circumstances? That you’re trying to impress a boyfriend, like Liam, find somewhere to live safely with your mother and sister, like Kai? Or, then again, needing to fund your little brother’s life- saving operation, like Layla?
Sarah Wishart offers a twisting, tearing YA thriller. From the outset readers are invested as each of the passengers is introduced and we become party to their inner thoughts. Then again, we worry about their decision making, knowing that while two have real needs, one is being coerced, and the fourth?
Like The Box in the Woods, Four Good Liars is a really gripping, compelling and fast-paced novel with a fabulous twist in its conclusion. Bookwagon recommends this title to our older, YA readers!


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