Fox: A Circle of Life Story


The vixen tracks prey in the woods and returns to her den of three cubs. As the weather warms they become bigger and bolder, practising their hunting skills until they are big enough to join their mother on the hunt.

Yet what happens when the vixen is struck by a car? What happens to the cubs? Furthermore, what happens to her? Fox: A Circle of Life Story tracks the lives of the foxes through the seasons, from their infancy, to their instincts and habitat. We realise the precarious nature of the hunt, alongside the danger of city life.

However, Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egnéus do more than tell an animal story well, for they explain and show how the vixen’s body becomes a life source itself ‘to earth, to plants, to air flow the tiny particles that were once a fox’. 

This is a bold, natural and beautiful story. Furthermore it is so tenderly, yet clearly explained and shown. Bookwagon is awed by the skill of this author and illustrator. We recommend Fox: A Circle of Life Story to readers at home and school

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Fox: A Circle of Life Story

Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egnéus

(Bloomsbury Children’s Books)– hardback

Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egnéus present Fox: A Circle of Life Story, following up their outstanding Moth. In glorious autumn colours, we join visitors to the woods, listening to the life ‘stirring in the shadows‘. We see ‘a busy tail’, ‘a flash of fire‘ and hear ‘the soft pad of sooty paws.’ Thereafter we’re encouraged to follow fox, for ‘she’s caught a scent‘…
What is she after? How will she catch it? Will she be successful? We follow Fox as she proceeds from the woods to the city, negotiating ‘the rush of tyres, the swoosh of a train the patter of rain’ to the den where three cubs await. Thereafter, we watch them grow, change, ‘somersault, chase and stumble‘. It seems as though the seasons are changing while our growing cubs grow ever bolder and more adept. It is not long until they join their mother in the woods, scenting prey and hunting. Yet life in the city is dangerous. Negotiating nighttime traffic is treacherous. What happens when one of our set loses her life? What happens to the cubs? Furthermore, what happens to what was once a living, breathing, hunting fox?
Isabel Thomas’s lyrical, descriptive text, tracked through emotionally empathetic pictures, is informative. It explains clearly how life thrives on death. There is no horror here, but scientific facts of life.
Fox: A Circle of Life Story is a perfect story, pragmatic, sympathetic and beautiful. Bookwagon recommends this informative, clear-eyed title to homes and schools.


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