Frank and Bert: The One With the Missing Biscuits


Imagine if you’ve had a history of picnic disasters. However you’re determined to celebrate with your best friend! That’s Frank and Bert. Therefore, despite wasps or rainstorms, Frank and Bert try again. What’s more, it seems that Bert’s brought a surprise in a big box. Surely he’ll understand if Frank might take a peep when Bert takes a post-picnic nap. What if the box contains a special surprise? A box of Frank’s favourite biscuits. Then again, won’t Bert understand if Frank might have ‘a little one‘?

However what if ‘they are just so delicious‘ that that little one might become an ‘even two… or three.. or four… or five!‘ Or… even more!

How can Frank recover from this? Will Bert understand?

We’re invested from the gentle introduction to the picnic with pals, to the urgency to discover what’s in the box. Thereafter, Frank’s discovery and actions?

Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Frank and Bert: The One With the Missing Biscuits aboard. This series is such a favourite of ours, these characters so dearly beloved, this writer and illustrator such an outstanding storyteller.

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Frank and Bert: The One With the Missing Biscuits

Chris Naylor- Ballesteros

(Nosy Crow)

Do things always go wrong when you have a picnic? It seems that that’s they way of things for Frank and Bert. Although they might ‘go to [their] favourite spot‘ to ‘unpack all [their] delicious food‘ there’s a disaster. There might be wasps or rain. Or this  might be The One with the Missing Biscuits.
Chris Naylor-Ballesteros delights readers with this series about these friends, from Frank and Bert to The One Where Bert Learns to Ride a Bike. In fact, when we join the picnic, it seems that this might be the one where everything goes perfectly for the pair. After all, Bert’s brought a surprise in a ‘big box’. It’s difficult not to want to take a peek, isn’t it? Then again, if Bert’s snores indicate that he’s into a deep ‘after-picnic snooze‘ surely Frank’s going to look. What if it’s Frank’s favourite biscuit of all? Caramel crunch? Surely Bert’s likely to be understanding if Frank’s tempted to have ‘a little one’. Then again, what about more than that ‘little one’?
From the gentle, pitch perfect timing, to the expressive, endearing pictures, this picture book is a triumph in which we’re immersed immediately. However, Bookwagon suggests that The One With the Missing Biscuits, alongside its predecessors, is wonderful reading aloud fare. In fact, we suggest that this book is destined to become a favourite, read frequently, together and alone. Then again, this bookseller has ordered a copy for an Australian reader, knowing it will be beloved in her home too!



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