Frank and Bert


Although Frank and Bert are the best of friends it seems there’s a problem. While both of them love playing hide- and- seek, Bert’s terrible at it. That’s despite the fact he’s convinced he’s ‘brilliant at hiding’. Might it be that, as he claims, he needs more time to find the best, most elusive hiding place? Frank loves to win, but he’s frustrated by Bert. What’s more, Bert loves to win and prove that he can hide! Therefore, Frank begins to count….. to 100.

We continue to count as Bert runs. However, there’s a problem with Bert’s journey, over field, past trees, above mountains, to the best, most shadowy space… ‘97, 98.. 99. 100!’ Will Frank give the game away? is it possible he may not detect Bert. We know and share this knowledge with Frank. What will he say after he finds the clue and follows it beyond ‘a rock or a tree or something like that’….

Chris Naylor- Ballesteros’ picture books, including The Suitcase and recently, Tiny Reindeer, are laden with empathy, approachability, hope and warmth. Despite two seemingly, almost Klassen and Barnett isolated characters in a  winter landscape, emotion pulsates from these pages. Bookwagon loves the tenderness, skill and craft of this picture book writer. We love and recommend Frank and Bert . This picture book demands to be read, loved, shared and known by many, many readers.

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Frank and Bert

Chris Naylor- Ballesteros

(Nosy Crow)

Frank and Bert play hide-and-seek. While Bert’s convinced he’s ‘brilliant at hiding’, it appears he’s ‘terrible at it’. It seems that when Frank’s eyes are closed and he’s counting, Bert’s running off to hide. Except every hiding space is ‘as plain as day‘. Therefore, what is to be done? It seems that Bert’s convinced that if he’d more ‘time to hide properly‘ that he would ‘win at hide- and- seek’. Although Frank’s need to win is the same is Bert’s, he decides to give his ‘best friend a chance and count to a hundred’….
Chris Naylor- Ballesteros returns with a tongue- in- cheek, inventive and endearing picture book. While we appreciate Franks’ frustration with Bert’s inability to hide, we’re interested in what might happen when the rules change. Is it possible that Bert’s right, that he needs more time to discover a difficult to find space? Then again, what would happen if Frank’s successful in seeking out Bert’s new hiding hole? After all, it would be very possible if Bert left a pink clue…
Alongside the wonderful story, we’ve the artist’s bright-eyed, white framed, expressive pictures that make us smile. We’ve loved these since we picked up I’m going to eat this ANT. Bookwagon adores Frank and Bert. This picture book is meant to be read aloud, recited, known, loved, gifted and treasured. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,…….


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