Franklin’s Flying Bookshop


Franklin’s Flying Bookshop’ is the plan of Luna and Franklin, the reading dragon. How can they share their stories of spiders and ballet, gymnastics and fruit bats, when everyone runs away? ‘Luna and Franklin feel like they are made out of stories.’ With bookshelves and ropes, sofas and cake tins, they construct a bookshop between Franklin’s wings. In a company of mice, bats and fireflies, they seek a village to share their books and the wonder of reading.

Jen Campbell’s text is poetic, descriptive and magical. It is matched in the rich, swirling, almost-Arthurian pictures of Katie Harnett. ‘Franklin’s Flying Bookshop‘ is a ‘forever’ book, to be shared at bedtime, loved and quoted. We are proud to recommend and sell this glorious story.


Franklin’s Flying Bookshop

Jen Campbell, illustrated by Katie Harnett

(Thames & Hudson)

Franklin dreams about Vikings sailing over the seas. He reads by the light of a thousand fireflies. Stories keep Franklin warm at night. He likes to read his stories aloud for others to hear. Yet Franklin seldom finds anyone to read to. When he ventures out, people disappear. Franklin is a dragon. Who is the girl he meets who has read about dragons in far away lands? Could she offer a chance for ‘Franklin’s Flying Bookshop’?

Good Reads Choice Best Picture Book Award Winner


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