Freddie’s Amazing Bakery The Great Raspberry Mix-Up


Freddie’s Amazing Bakery‘ is a popular spot in Belville. The town has become aware of the originality and quality of baker Freddie’s creations. Freddie works hard, has a loyal workforce, and is guided and supported by his best friend, Amira. However, Freddie’s in desperate need of a new cooker.

Could winning the prize money of the Belville Bakery Competition provide the key? Freddie knows he will have to arrive at a breathtakingly designed and tasty treat to take the prize. He’ll be up against some great competition, like his friends Jojo and Mrs Mackenzie, not to mention the colossal Bernard Macaroon. Freddie isn’t a very confident baker despite his customers’ praise and Amira’s encouragement. Yet every moment he’s dreaming up taste delights which he enters into his little red notebook. His plan for the Belville Baking Competition involves raspberries…

Harriet Whitehorn’s Violet series, beginning with Violet and the Pearl of the Orient is a Bookwagon customer favourite. The Company of Eight is a HUGE favourite with our Middle Grade readers. Therefore, Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome a new series, a new character and setting aboard. Welcome to ‘Freddie’s Amazing Bakery The Great Raspberry Mix-Up‘ ! It’s a perfect story to get your reading teeth into!


Freddie’s Amazing Bakery The Great Raspberry Mix-Up

Written by Harriet Whitehorn, illustrated by Alex G. Griffiths

(Oxford University Press)

Freddie’s Amazing Bakery The Great Raspberry Mix-Up’ is building a reputation in Belville. In truth, it’s all down to Freddie, who lives and breathes and dreams about baking. As a result, the established bakers in town, like Bernard Macaroon are threatened by Freddie’s creativity. Could they imagine a raspberry cake like the Belville carousel? It’s unlikely! Another treat is Freddie’s flavouring… he gets the taste just right!
Can Freddie build his confidence and enter the Belville Cake Competition? There will be tough opposition from Bernard and the other bakers like Jojo, Samuel and Mrs Mackenzie, not to mention Bernard.
While Freddie has a masterplan for the competition, his skills, friendliness and growing popularity might cause him problems. Furthermore, Freddie needs the competition prize money rather desperately! How can a baker work with a faulty cooker?
We welcome a new series by harriet Whitehorn, writer of Bookwagon favourites The Company of Eight and Violet and the Pearl of the Orient



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