Freddy the Superstar


Freddy’s life is a riot of adventure. He is a super-powered robot, but he still has to go to school.  Freddy also compulsively uses his super-powers (such as jet propulsion and turbo-chargers) when it is least appropriate – thus regularly causing chaos.  When Freddy and his pals gets involved in the school science fair, his robot abilities mean he’s suddenly the centre of attention.  But this isn’t necessarily a good thing, because Freddy just loves to show off!

To complicate matters further, local shady businessman Razir Khan wants to make Freddy a media star, but he has ulterior motives. Will Freddy let this brush with fame go to his head? Of course he will!  But that might not go down so well with his friends.  Predictably, chaos does indeed ensue at the science fair and things go from bad to worse for our hero…

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Freddy the Superstar

Neill Cameron

(David Fickling Books)

The hilarious adventures of Freddy, the half-boy, half-robot continue in this latest instalment Freddy the Superstar.
Freddy and his school friends are to take part in the school science fair.  Quite by accident, Freddy uses his superpowers to help his friend Riyad produce an outstanding experiment involving levitating fruit.  Freddy basks in the glory of his unintended success, but nervous Riyad just feels even more anxious about the next experiment.
To make matters worse, horrid teacher Mr Javid ramps up the pressure when he invites local businessman Razir to attend.  Razir decides to sponsor the event, but he has ulterior motives.  He wants to exploit the ‘potential media stardom’ of Freddy.  Of course, Freddy, who loves the spotlight, is only too happy to go long with Razir’s plans.  This causes great tensions between Freddy and his friends.
As the next science experiment draws near, chaos continues to ensue.  Freddy’s efforts to make things right just make matters worse.
Comic book author Neill Cameron has also written several graphic novels featuring Freddy and his robot brother Alex.  Bookwagon is proud to stock these, including ‘Mega Robo Bros: Power Up’.  Neill talks about Freddy the Superstar in this YouTube clip.



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