When one of the birds is unwell, the boy and Grandad make him ‘a cosy bed’ and consult Grandad’s book of bird facts. Grandad explains that the bird should be set ‘Free‘ once he is recovered. Yet back on his feet, and after some water, the bird returns. ‘Look who it is!’ 

The boy and Grandad feed the bird some berries, before taking him outside to the birdbath with the other wild birds. However, the bird comes back to them anew. At this point, Grandad stipulates, ‘I think he’ll be happier if he’s free. We need to find a tree [like this] and help him find his way home.’ 

We love the adventures taken by Grandad and the boy, like Rain as imagined by glorious picture book maker Sam Usher. ‘Free‘ is  a new experience, for the pair gather their ‘expedition equipment’ and trek a long way to the tree ‘right at the top of that mountain.

What will they discover? Will the bird be reconciled to his freedom? What will WE see?

We journey from the warm clutter of home, and familiar triple- decker sandwiches, bird feeders and busy bookcases, to a mountain polyptych that depicts the challenge of the journey thoroughly.

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this beautiful Sam Usher title aboard.

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Sam Usher

(Templar Books)

‘Free’ is the best state for the bird the boy and his grandfather find. That’s what Grandad urges. However the bird returns to the pair. Grandad consults his book of bird facts. They ‘give him a drink of water and put him back outside.’ Yet the following morning, ‘Grandad! Look who it is!’ Thereafter, they feed him berries from their pancake mixture and place him by the blackberry busy. However, at lunchtime, around the time Grandad and the boy make ‘triple-deckers’, ‘Look who it is!’ What will they do this time?
Might it be that the boy and his Grandad are due another adventure? Something such as we’ve experienced through Storm or Snow? Furthermore, might the adventure require the pair to the ‘tree, right at the top of that mountain!’
We are familiar with and fond of the boy and his Grandad. We love their wide- ranging vision of life and experience, drawn for us gloriously by Sam Usher. You are in for a treat with ‘Free’ as are the bird, the boy and Grandad.


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