Freya’s Gold


Lin teases Freya about her imagination. It seems that Freya sees shadows everywhere and then monsters within those shadows. Then again, Freya wonders about how things work. It’s as though her brain fizzes with possibilities.

Therefore, when she is immediately wary of Mrs Oleander, neither her Granny Kate, nor Lin, pay much heed to Freya. Furthermore, when she describes seeing a boy hiding about the corners, Lin dismisses her. However, are these two occurrences interconnected? Then again, could Mrs Oleander, out of season surprise guest at Granny Kate’s Edge B & B as  untrustworthy as Freya suspects?

Freya has other things on her mind, like metal detecting with Lin, alongside the fearful citizenship presentation. However, how might these explode into an almighty awareness when Freya learns the real reason for Mrs Oleander’s appearance in Edge? Then again, how can a girl who seems scared of her own shadow hope to possibly lead her town into standing up to this imposter?

Bookwagon is thrilled by Freya’s Gold. We invite readers to step into a wonderful reading experience!

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Freya’s Gold

Fiona Longmuir

(Nosy Crow)

It’s not just that a visitor to her grandmother’s seaside B & B alerts Freya, but the fact that there’s something decidedly insect-like about Mrs Oleander. It means that Freya is suspicious on first sight. However Freya is so often overly alert to danger that it can lead to her best friend, Lin, mocking her. Then again, what if Freya is right on this occasion? Might it lead to her speaking out? Speaking up? Rather as Lin’s big sister does?
Fiona Longmuir absorbed us so that we went Looking for Emily. With Freya’s Gold, we’ve a central character who’s spellbound by possibilities and imaginings. She’s frightened of the dark, fascinated by how things work and dreading presenting her citizen project. Although Freya has lots of ideas of how her winter battered town of Edge might be improved it’s a different matter stand up and expand to an audience.
However, what if Freya is compelled to speak up? That Mrs Oleander’s presence in Edge might be more dangerous than anything Freya might ever imagine? Then again, could it be that this girl with the wonderful imagination is the foil to this self- seeking visitor? Bookwagon welcomes Freya’s Gold aboard.


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