Fright Bite


‘It’s my birthday and nothing can go wrong!‘ Colette declares. Although Angelo wants to warn her that ‘no one should ever say that’, he stops himself. After all, they’re at the door of Project Z, together, Club Loser, and everything seems safe.

It seems the Latchitt’s are locked away, and then there’s a What’s App group formed by the group’s parents. However embarrassing that might be, events for the teens since their Saturday detention in the early days of Year 7, have been traumatic. Yet it’s also brought them together, a tough, aware and united team. Therefore, when it seems that Colette’s birthday declaration might be way off kilter, they must use every skill they possess to overcome the horror ahead.

Fright Bite is the fifth and latest title in the outstanding Dread Wood series. We love this group of kids, each with their own back story and insecurity that we know and appreciate. Then again, this group’s friendship and mutual respect is its greatest strength. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Fright Bite aboard. Again, though this is the fifth in the series, it stands alone satisfyingly, while propelling any reader toward enjoying the whole series!

Released on January 18th, 2024

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Fright Bite

Jennifer Killick


‘Its mad how well we’ve got to know each other since our fateful Saturday detention, – at Dread Wood High‘ considers Angelo. The Club Loser members are off to celebrate Colette’s birthday at Neon Perch, where all the ‘cool kids’ go.
It seems the group’s parents have formed a What’s App group as a way of protection. After all, courtesy of the Latchitt’s, these teens have been through the mire. Therefore, though Mr C and Colette’s mother have been called to a school meeting by Mr Hume, the adults feel more confident about the group’s safety. What’s more, it seems as though this experience holds the stuff of dreams for the group. There’s a go-karting, Galactic golf, karaoke and then… Project Z, an escape room that defies all escape rooms. What can possibly go wrong?
Jennifer Killick has cornered the market in scary, with a great swish of humour. Then again, her ear for dialogue, and the keen characterisations make us care about events. It seems we’re rather like Naira and putting the pieces together, working to anticipate dangers. Therefore, when we draw into the car park at Neon Perch, we anticipate trouble ahead. However, trouble that involves each of the group’s individual greatest fears? Bookwagon loves this series and is delighted to welcome the fifth book, Fright Bite. What’s more, although it is the fifth, Fright Bite can be read alone, happily, though we’d recommend going for one big Latchitt leap into a truly entertaining, skin crawling reading experience!

Released on January 18th, 2024


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