Little does Princess Anya realise that her effort to rescue yet another of her sister’s suitors, transformed into a frog by their step-step father, will become a quest. From a journey initiated by need of ingredients for a transformative frog-kissing lip balm, Anya takes on a quest for her kingdom Trallonia, a cause of equality and justice, considers the requirements for leadership, and demonstrates courage, friendship and strategy.

This superb new age fairy tale is bold, inventive and funny. There are twists and turns and considerations aplenty. Bookwagon recommends this title to committed readers, who demand a title that is intriguing, clever and fulfilling. I can’t wait for more from Trallonia. Not for one moment do I believe that we have heard the last from the evil Duke Rickard! I have a hunch that Argent’s new found canine confidence is equal to more work at the heels of Princess Anya. We love this book!



Garth Nix

(Piccadilly Press)

Will Anya take on her quest and stand for the re-establishment of the All Encompassing Bill of Rights and Wrongs? Can she collect the tears of witches, newly caught feathers of cockatrices and the other ingredients necessary for a transformation lip balm?’Frogkisser’ is a fairytale fantasy for the 21st century, highly recommended to all committed readers aged from 10 years.


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