Frost Hollow Hall


Will’s invitation to ice skate on the frozen lake outside Frost Hollow Hall results in a near tragedy for Tilly. What is revealed in this terrifying incident demands to be settled, and leads Tilly to investigate events from ten years earlier. These affect all at Frost Hollow Hall, and, now, Tilly’s happiness and future.

This novel holds the reader captive. Emma Carroll is able to conjure the setting and era convincingly. We urge Tilly, and Will, forward in their quest, longing for answers that have been long hidden.

We recommend ‘Frost Hollow Hall‘ to committed readers, keen for an icy, historical story!.

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Frost Hollow Hall

Emma Carroll

(Faber & Faber)

When Tilly accepts the butcher boy’s dare to skate on the ice outside Frost Hollow Hall, she has no way of knowing that she will unleash a world of memories, fears, horror and hidden truths. What is the truth about the boy beneath the lake? Who holds the key to the ice skates? Furthermore, who is the figure who Tilly sees about whom everyone else is in denial? There are so many questions and so few willing to tell or face the truth. Is it possible that Tilly’s near tragedy might provoke something…
Frost Hollow Hall’ is a convincing read for any committed reader, who particularly enjoys historical stories.Furthermore, it’s written by our most reliable historical storyteller, Emma Carroll. Thereafter, we recommend a return visit to this setting in When We Were Warriors.


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