Full of Beans


‘Full of Beans’ takes us to depression era Key West. Beans, our main character, is the leader of the Keepsies, the best marble gang in town. He’s an entrepreneur, looking for chances to add to his family’s income, and save a little for the cinema, where he’s entranced by the Hollywood child stars.

Yet, change is afoot in ‘Full of Beans’. Beans’ Pa is going further afield in search of work, his mother’s hands are raw from taking in neighbourhood laundry, while little brother Kermit is unwell. Beans is offered a dangerous opportunity to earn big money by one of the town’s liquor dealers. A man called Julius Stone has appeared promising a lot to the local people but for little money. Beans doesn’t trust him- ‘grown ups tell lies’. Julius Stone wears trousers that appear like silken underwear too, which makes him even more dubious.

‘Full of Beans’ is a lively, warm-hearted story that really holds your attention and interest. We are invested in Beans’ success and his family’s future. So, is Julius Stone, a real life, New Dealer, sent from FDR’s enterprise to change the fortunes of sleepy, deprived Key West.

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Full of Beans

Jennifer L. Holm


‘Full of Beans‘ is how Beans’ friends, neighbours, and family see him. He’s quick on the uptake of any opportunity or new venture, keen to contribute, and especially eager to earn a dime. This is Beans’ story of events in his Key West home when Julius Stone, a strange man in silk underpants, turns up, determined to change the town and its future.

Scott O’ Dell Award for Historical Fiction


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