Funky Chickens


Benjamin Zephaniah’s classic ‘Funky Chickens‘ bursts with vitality. His poetry steps from life experiences, like ‘Walking Back Home‘, to critical observations, as in ‘Protest Poets‘ and ‘All You Sea‘. Throughout the collection energy and purpose abound. His words leave stiletto marks of sound on the pages. They demand to be read, and said aloud:-

‘Thanks for the WORDS that do inspire/ And those words that burn like fire…’

Benjamin Zephaniah does not tread lightly. He engages his readers:- ”You ain’t got /nowhere to play,/ Just balconies/ And/ Motorways,’ Don’t/ worry/ Be happy.’ 

Benjamin Zephaniah’s environmentalism, humanity, background and empathy sing. ‘Funky Chickens’ is a heartfelt and necessary poetry collection that we recommend unequivocally.



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Funky Chickens

Benjamin Zephaniah

(Puffin Poetry)

‘Funky Chickens‘ dive in! Join ‘Derek in Heaven‘ and swallow a poem! Or maybe, you could play with the words of ‘Double Talk‘? Maybe you could write a poem like Penny or Annie, Benny or Kitty. Read the poems! Share the poems! Know the poems! Benjamin Zephaniah’s poetry is bold, clear, heartfelt and meaningful! You’ll become a big, ‘Funky Chicken‘ fan of his rhyming poetry!


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