Future Hero 1: Race to Fire Mountain


Jarell loves to draw.  He doesn’t enjoy sport, and knows he lives in the shadow of his cool and popular older brother.  He always feels awkward and out of place, unless he is drawing the figures and technology that come into his creative imagination.

Coming home from school, he realises he has lost his door key (yet again).  Jarell makes his way to his cousin Omari’s barbershop, which has undergone a makeover following a flood.  He meets for the first time his cousin’s new business partner, Legsy. In the VIP suite Jarell notices an ornate, wooden framed mirror that he cannot resist touching. As he does so, he feels jolts of electricity pulling him in to another world that he can see moving in front of him. Jarell is taken aback to realise that the people and animals he sees in this mirror are his drawings, come to life!

Jarell is astonished to learn from Legsy that he is actually the fabled one who is going to rescue the realm of Ulfrika from Ikala, the evil sorcerer. Jarell journeys to Ulfrika on the first of his quests. There he encounters Kimisi, a warrior and apprentice to the goddess Ayana. Together they go in search of the first of the Iron Animals needed to complete the magical staff of Kundi.

This is a terrifically exciting and imaginative thrill-ride and so refreshing to read such an inclusive and vibrant set of characters.

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Future Hero 1: Race to Fire Mountain

Remi Blackwood, illustrated by Alicia Robinson


Future Hero 1: Race to Fire Mountain is the debut novel for middle grade readers by Remi Blackwood.  It is first of a thrilling, illustrated series about a boy who finds a portal to a legendary world in his local barbershop.  What is more, it is a fantasy world that he has dreamed of, and drawn, himself!  To his astonishment, Jarell learns that he is the hero the people of this land have been waiting for.

Jarell has never quite known where he belongs. He struggles to ‘fit in’.  He is largely ignored at home and is teased at school for wanting to draw instead of playing sports with the other boys. There is just one place where he has ever felt truly at ease, his local barbershop, where his cousin, and owner, Omari, hangs Jarell’s art on the walls.

When ‘Legsy’, someone who is working with Omari in the barbershop, invites Jarell into the VIP room, little does he know his life is about to change forever. Jarell discovers a hidden portal through an ornate mirror in the VIP room.  Through this, he is transported to a magical world that is unlike anything he has seen before.  In this land, known as Ulfrika, it is not just the powerful gods and dangerous creatures that makes this world so different; moreover, it is that everyone believes Jarell is the hero they’ve been waiting for.  Jarell must immediately face his destiny….and the danger that lies in wait.

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