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Despite Mr Mollusc’s disdain for him, Herbie Lemon is a responsible Lost and Founder. However, when a threatening guest leaves a strange, spiky shell in his care, it’s the start of a curious, life changing experience for our hero and Eerie-on-Sea. Who is the Deep Hood visitor? Furthermore, what is the aggressive object put in his care? This and the fish shaped bottle which Herbie opens secretly to reveal a strange, Tinkerbell like light, are weighted with mystery and portent. Then again, might these keepsakes relate to the threatening storm battering at Eerie-on-Sea? Violet Parma is convinced it’s all linked to a fishing legend about the rise of Gargantis. 

Thomas Taylor’s Malamander is one of Bookwagon’s favourite titles. The writer convinces us of Herbie Lemon’s character, role, setting and adventure. Now we are invited to return. It seems that Herbie has his work cut out anew. However, despite a seemingly small life in a Lost and Found cellar, Herbie is intrepid. Furthermore he has Violet Parma and her hopeless eavesdropping to urge him along, not to mention the occasional utterances from Erwin (the talking cat).

It seems as though Herbie must face his fears beyond the deep ocean, jump aboard and face something Gargantis and wild. Who is creating this mayhem? Are the fishing folk stories to be believed? Could anyone possibly survive the Vortiss?

Bookwagon is absorbed and captivated by this outstanding story and recommends it highly to our readers.



Thomas Taylor

(Walker Books)

Herbie Lemon has his work cut out as Grand Nautilus Hotel’s Lost-and-founder. Despite Gargantis responsibility, Herbie is dedicated. Furthermore, he knows the rules of his role through and through. So when a mysterious, Deep Hood stranger arrives at the hotel, Herbie takes note of him, and thereafter, ‘the strange, spiky shell’ he hands in. Shortly after that, there’s an ownership battle when Mrs Fossil’s beachcombing unearths a fish shaped bottle inscribed in mysterious script. She, Dr Thalassi and the fishing fraternity claim the find, yet it’s Herbie Lemon, who takes the object for safekeeping. However, somehow, he’s drawn to the contents of the bottle, so heats a screwdriver to release….
What could an odd little sprightling have to do with the wild storm wreaking havoc upon Eerie-on-Sea? Fishing folklore suggests it’s the work of a legendary sea monster, a local interpretation of storm, that once awakened will cause their fishing village to fall into the sea.
Somehow, Herbie and his role, become central to the future of the town. Although Lady Kraken might rate Herbie a ‘dunderhead’, after Malamander, we know him to be intrepid, loyal, brave and resilient. Yet is he up to facing Deep Hood and deeper, darker fears? Gargantis is a  storm-soaring adventure!


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