Gaspard the Fox


Gaspard the Fox is uncertain what the day ahead will bring him. He’s aware that he’s hungry, however. When he learns from a friendly cat that there’s a festival with food a short distance away, he’s compelled to head off. What will he find? Might there be another friend there? Possibly a sausage or several? Gaspard is aware that the city can be hostile to foxes, so he’s cautious…

Gaspard is a real-life character, familiar to Radio 4 news reader, Zeb Soanes, who’s chronicled a diary about him. These notes have formed this heart-warming picture book. James Mayhew’s rich, soft, colouring pencil illustrations enhance the meaning, events and characters gloriously.

Gaspard the Fox is a beautiful picture book to be enjoyed, read over, shared and loved.


Gaspard the Fox

Zeb Soanes & James Mayhew


Gaspard the Fox awakens to a new city day. Ahead lie adventures and possibilities. Might there be friends? Maybe two? Perhaps one could be a cat called Peter who enjoys lepidoptery and Radio 4. There could be a dog along the canal path too. It seems like he has an escape route that allows him to enjoy festivals and socialising. However, foxes are not the most popular creatures in the city. Furthermore, some people can be cruel and dismissive. What sort of day will Gaspard have?
This inviting picture book is the creation of Radio 4 news presenter, Zeb Soanes and acclaimed illustrator James Mayhew. We love the latter’s empathetic impressions of his characters and landscapes, as experienced in works such as Mrs Noah’s Pockets. We welcome Gaspard the Fox to Bookwagon.


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