Geek Girl


Harriet Manners is convinced that nobody likes her, especially not her best friend, Nat. She’s aware of the differences between them, and feels isolated from everybody, but then her behaviour is isolating in itself. Maybe it’s best to hide under tables, but then you never know what you may find there.

From ‘geek to chic’ is the passage Harriet takes in the most unlikely, but amusing and captivating way, after her disappearance. We share Harriet’s complete bamboozlement at the direction her life is taking, all the while hoping that each calamity will be her last.

We recommend ‘Geek Girl’ to anyone who has felt like a fish out of water, who needs a cheer up, a laugh, a friend, and a really deceptively great book too. This is ideal of readers aged from 11 or 12 years old.


Geek Girl

From geek to chic…..

Holly Smale

(Harper Collins)

Harriet Manners is such an identifiable character. She may be surprised by this statement, but somehow, everyone of us has a Harriet Manners lurking inside us. However not many of us have such a life, at 15 1/2 of such upheaval and disaster, nor of such opportunity. We love this book. We recommend it to readers aged from 11 or 12, who enjoy good fun, considered, yet rollicking great reads.


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