Georgia and the Edge of the World


Georgia longs for adventures. Yet her adopted father, the Duke of Angleston is committed to keeping the baby entrusted to him, safe. Therefore, all the adventures that Georgia has, are through the books she reads, and then in the inventions she creates with her trusted donkey friend, Ponky.

Yet what if she might be destined to leave Angleston, to follow the message that washes up in a bottle, to follow to Myth, a place about she once read in The Lighthouse Keeper. It seems it’s missing its last page, but Georgia knows every part of that story.

Thereafter, aboard Patch, the boat she has created with Ponky and the little creature from the bottle, she’s off to the edge of the world. However, could it be that Georgia’s been misled, that somebody knows her origins and is compelling her to return to Myth for their own, secretive reasons?

Georgia and the Edge of the World is a stirring, wild, wonderful graphic novel of adventure, courage, friendship and possibilities!

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Georgia and the Edge of the World

Robin Boyden

(David Fickling Books)

Georgia and the Edge of the World seem destined to meet. What is the significance of the message attached to her, as a baby, that the Duke of Angelston reads? It seems he is to build the walls high and protect this baby so that as she grows she will never leave. However, this baby and then this young girl, have every intention of breaking free. She has no wish to be a lady, rather an ‘adventurer’.
Therefore, when she and Ponky uncork a bottle erupting Lollylute from the land of Myth, it seems the adventure that our heroine needs! Is it possible that she is destined to travel to Myth, ‘a secret place of chaos of excitement’? However, could Georgia’s discovery be accidental really, or might it be a trick to lure her from Angleston? Then again, who is really writing this story and what part might our heroine play?
Robin Boyden creates a story within a story, from a rescue to treachery. It seems as though our adventurer is destined to travel to Myth, that Ponky, her Dapple like, loyal companion. Thereafter, Georgia’s tricks and turns, inventions and determination, seem to ensure that she travels her own course, against those who might constrain her. So, what lies in Myth? What’s more, are there notions of The Land of Neverendings
Georgia and the End of the World is a brave, brilliant and bold graphic novel of friendship, courage and never endings.


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