Giraffe Problems


‘Giraffe Problems‘ focus upon Edward’s neck. He’s certain that everyone else focuses on his neck. He’s embarrassed by it, driven crazy by it, and seeks to disguise himself. When Cyrus admires his neck, Edward is certain he’s mocking him. Yet all Cyrus wants to taste a banana. How can a tortoise hope to taste a banana when his neck won’t stretch? ‘Day after day (he’s) felt such a fool as he’s stretched his neck towards the greedy branches…’

Will helping Cyrus offer Edward a new vantage point? Will Edward’s assistance gift Cyrus with a whole new sensory and social experience?

After the superb Penguin Problems, Bookwagon had high hopes for a sequel. ‘Giraffe Problems‘ does not disappoint. The humour is wry, the message is distinct, the words and pictures first class. Bookwagon loves ‘Giraffe Problems’.  


Giraffe Problems

Jory John, illustrated by Lane Smith

(Walker Books)– hardback

‘Giraffe Problems’ concern the length of Edward’s neck. He’s self-conscious about it, angry and embarrassed. He’s certain every other animals laughs at the length and awkwardness of his neck. Then he meets Cyrus, who feels ‘limited by his physical shortcomings’. He would really like to taste a banana, too.


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