Girl With A White Dog


Jessie can’t remember when she hasn’t longed for a dog. Yet times are tough and her father’s having to work away. The local villagers say the foreign workers are taking all the jobs.

When Jessie’s grandmother suddenly charges Jessie with the responsibility for a new white puppy, Jessie thinks her luck has changed. Yet, her grandmother is unwell and forgetful, urging Jessie to help  in ways her family don’t understand. Not all her family is as supportive to her grandmother as Jessie. Suddenly her cousin is blanking her at school and hanging out with the cool crowd. There’s a lot for the ‘Girl With A White Dog’ to work out.

Girl With A White Dog‘ is a truly special, unforgettable and subtle message spinning work. I read it in one sitting. Bookwagon could not recommend it highly enough as a title essential to every reader.

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Girl With A White Dog

Anne Booth


Jessie’s luck seems to have changed. She’s been charged with caring for her grandmother’s new white puppy! Yet something not right with Jessie’s grandmother. She’s behaving oddly. Meanwhile her cousin doesn’t seem to want to know her, even in their shared classes. The village is changing too. Suddenly, ‘Girl With A White Dog‘ has a lot on her mind.


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