Mr Gnome will welcome us, invite us to join him fishing, won’t he? He won’t be surly and dismissive, or even downright rude? Will he? What happens when a passing hedgehog needs his help? The poor chap has an apple stuck on his spines. Thereafter, a witch appears. She reminds Mr Gnome that he’s fishing in her pond, and scaring the toads. Mr Gnome will listen to her won’t he? He’s compliant and polite?

Or maybe not! What happens when this gnome is so rude that he’s gone too far…. Be warned Gnome!

What a brilliant picture book! You will never look at any garden gnome in the same way again. Fred Blunt’s view of the world is fresh, inspiring and imaginative. His pictures are bright, accessible and such great fun. Let’s head down to meet Gnome.



Fred Blunt

(Andersen Press)- hardback

Welcome to Mr Gnome, or maybe not. Will he agree to us tagging along with him? Possibly, he would like our company when he’s fishing. Maybe he’ll help a passing hedgehog with ‘an apple stuck on his spines‘. Then again, he’d take the advice of a witch who asks him to ‘stop fishing in my pond‘ because it scares the toads. You would think so, wouldn’t you?
However, what if none of this advice is heeded. What do you think might be the result?
Fred Blunt’s direct, approachable, active illustrations are perfect for his very funny picture books such as Santa Claus vs The Easter Bunny, and in The Diddle that Dummed. Gnome is a laugh-out-loud surprise for readers of all ages. It is a perfect choice for young children who will certainly never look at garden statues in the same way again! What a delight!


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