Gobbly Goat


Gobbly Goat is hungry, with a ‘rumbly tum.’ What might fill him up? Could it be a straw hat? Or possibly apples hanging on a tree? Would Horse share hay in the stable? Where next for Gobbly? Surely he would not be tempted by a bowl of ‘strawberries and cream’ inside the farm house…. would he?

Gobbly Goat is the latest title within Axel Scheffler’s delightful Farmyard Friends’ series. Like Higgly Hen and Portly Pig, Gobbly is an endearing farm resident with a problem. Who will help him out? We wander the familiar farm setting with Gobbly, recognising other characters and places, like Horse and the fields and stable. The rhyming story is accessible and entertaining, while the pictures are welcoming, bright and interesting.

Bookwagon recommends Gobbly Goat, alongside the other Farmyard Friends’ titles, as perfect for very small readers, seeking to build their reading attachment and repertoire.


Gobbly Goat

Axel Scheffler

(Nosy Crow)– board book

Gobbly Goat is ready for lunch. What might he find to ease his ‘rumbly tum’? Might it be an ‘old straw hat’ or possibly ‘some apples on a tree’? Let’s hope he can reach them!
Thereafter Gobbly might seek out hay from the stable, but will Horse share? Surely he wouldn’t neigh, ‘That hay is mine!’ Let’s hope that Gobbly’s hunger doesn’t lead him to investigating a ‘truly tasty treat’ of ‘strawberries with cream’. It’s sitting through the window…
Gobbly Goat is the latest title in the superb Farmyard Friends’ series from Axel Scheffler. Like the other books, the rhyming story is rich with interest, warmth and incident. Furthermore, the farmyard setting is familiar so we recognise and welcome it. Like Higgly Hen and Portly Pig, there is a central character with whom we attach immediately. Bookwagon loves this series for our youngest readers. We are delighted to welcome Gobbly aboard, though we might just keep any fruit bowls clear of the window!


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