Godfrey is a Frog


What joy there is to be had in legs that allow you to push off the pond floor. Then again, what about a pair of arms that enable you to cling onto lily stalks. However, what about having a long, sticky tongue? Godfrey is a Frog.

He sits on his lily pad and waits for further magical changes to happen. What about a horn that will help him eat cake, for example. However, nothing further happens…

Godfrey observes the animals about him. He envies Dragonfly and Heron their wonderful wings. Then again, Deer has ‘amazing antlers’ while Shrimp has ‘awesome antennae’. What does Frog have?

His disappointment grows so that he sinks into the depths of the pond…. However, can his friends help? What about Brinley the minnow who envies Godfrey his legs? It seems that Penelope the shrimp would love a ‘long, sticky tongue‘ like Godfrey’s too! Could it be that their words strikes something within Godfrey as he realises that… Godfrey is a Frog! Isn’t this magical?

Bookwagon loves the exuberance, the contrasts, the rich, pond colours and the message within Godfrey is a Frog. What a beautiful book to read aloud, read alone, hold close and love!

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Godfrey is a Frog

Alex Latimer


‘At first, Godfrey’s just an egg floating in  pond‘ before he ‘develops two bright eyes’. What will happen next? Could it be that Godfrey’s about to grow ‘two legs, perfect for pushing off the pond floor’? Then again, what about ‘a pair of lovely arms for clinging onto lily stalks’? However, what about his ‘long, sticky tongue’?
Although it seems as though he’s an ever changing creature, Godfrey’s stuck thereafter. The lily pad might be safe, and his world ‘bright and warm‘, Godfrey’s impatient for further change. Thereafter, what about a magic cake making horn? After all, doesn’t it seem as though every other creature about him is exceptional? Bear has ‘cracking claws’ while Snail has a ‘stunning shell’, but Godfrey is a Frog.
Alex Latimer delights readers with his observations of his subjects’ innermost thoughts. For example, just think about The Duck Never Blinks. It feels as though we’re utterly focused upon Duck! Then again, we see Godfrey’s astounding changes, feel his joy, and then his disappointment. Is it possible that Brinley, Penelope and Radcliffe, the pond snail, might encourage him to see himself anew?
Bookwagon loves and recommends Godfrey is a Frog for reading aloud, laughing over, recalling and lingering through.


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