Good Dog, Bad Dog Double Identity


A ‘murder’ In Collie-wood calls for Bergman and McBoo, ‘Good Dog, Bad Dog‘ and the craftiest (canine) cops around! ‘Good Dog, Bad Dog: Double Identity‘ is an hilarious comic novel packed with great one-liners, stacked with tough guy detective movie cliches. There are mean mongrels  determined to stop the good guys from sniffing out the truth. This is a great read, with terrific comic art.

We love this title, and recommend it to readers with a keen sense of humour (and smell). This title is worth sniffing out! Look out for its sequel- Good Dog, Bad Dog The Golden Bone of Alexandria

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Good Dog, Bad Dog: Double Identity

Dave Shelton

(David Fickling Books)

Good Dog, Bad Dog: Double Identity‘ is a clever, canine, graphic novel that re-works the buddy-buddy detective movie!  There are loads of canine puns to delight. The references to classic tough guy detective movies will amuse confident readers. What is next for Bergman and McBoo on the mean streets of Muttropolis? Sniff out the sequel!



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