Good Dog, Bad Dog: Double Identity


A ‘murder’ In Collie-wood calls for Bergman and McBoo, ‘Good Dog, Bad Dog‘ and the craftiest (canine) cops around! This hilarious comic novel is full of great one-liners, stacked with tough guy detective movie cliches and mean mongrels  determined to stop the good guys from sniffing out the truth.  A great read, with terrific comic art.

We love this title, and recommend it to readers with a keen sense of humour, aged from 9 or 10 years of age, to adult. This title is worth sniffing out!


Good Dog, Bad Dog (1): Double Identity

Dave Shelton

David Fickling Books

Good Dog, Bad Dog‘ is a  smart and very funny graphic novel that re-works the buddy-buddy detective movie, but with dogs!  There are loads of doggie puns and plenty of references to classic tough guy detective movies to please both adults and confident readers aged 9 and above alike.



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