Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Golden Bone


Bergman and McBoo are hard-nosed (maybe wet-nosed) canine detectives fighting crime in Muttropolis and in this funny and inventive graphic novel, they take on their dastardly opponents in three short stories.  Dave Shelton has created a great cast of characters and the stories are full of witty references to the classic detective genre. There is plenty to enjoy for newer readers, as well as those with more confidence, and their parents!


Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Golden Bone

Dave Shelton

(David Fickling Books)

This is the first appearance of Bergman and McBoo, canine detective working the crime-ridden streets of Muttropolis.  Dave Shelton is a master of the comic book form and he has created funny and engaging characters and set them in a world full of knowing references to classic hard-boiled detective movies and fiction. The artwork is of course excellent and the stories (there are three in this volume) are exciting and full of laughs.

A brilliant graphic novel for newer and more confident readers, aged 7 and up.


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