Good Dog McTavish


Ma Peachey has gone on strike. At first the family is delighted; no more angry reminders to get to school, or empty laundry baskets; no more healthy meals. However chaos ensues, while Ma melts quietly into another yoga position.

In this precarious state, the family decides to get a dog. At the rescue centre, a dog of many parts, ‘Good Dog McTavish‘, has a sense that he will choose this family. Quickly, he realises only one of the Peachey brood, Betty, is trainable. With Betty as his ally, McTavish begins his assault on the family, shaping them up to be the sort of family with whom a dog like McTavish and a mother like Ma Peachey could bear to live.

Tongue-in-cheek, subtle, purposeful, warm and engaging, ‘Good Dog McTavish‘ is a lovely book. I enjoyed the story, gentle message, language and pace and recommend it highly to readers aged from 8 or 9 or more.


Good Dog McTavish

Meg Rosoff

(Conkers-Barrington Stoke)- with all royalties donated to the Blue Cross

Good Dog McTavish‘ has a hunch that the Peachey family will be all right for him. First he needs to sort them out, for they are a family in meltdown. Read and learn! This is a warm-hearted, purposeful tale ideal for readers aged from 8 years.

(Dyslexia- friendly text)


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