Good Rosie!


‘Good Rosie!’ seeks a response from the reflected dog that she greets in her dog bowl each morning. She hopes a dog will woof in return to her call to the dog-shaped clouds. George wonders if a dog park visit might help. Will Rosie make friends?

There’s huge Maurice and his fluffy bunny. Tiny, jumpy Fifi wants to make friends too. How do you make friends? Rosie isn’t really certain!

‘Good Rosie!’ has a chapter book format, with the story told in segments. The dialogue is included in speech bubbles. Harry Bliss’s photo realistic, empathetic images enhance Kate DiCamillo’s beautiful story. There is a lot unsaid within ‘Good Rosie!’ that demands a reader infers or considers meaning and themes. This is a strong, lovely picture story.


Good Rosie!

Kate DiCamillo, pictures by Harry Bliss

(Walker Books)

‘Good Rosie!’ does not get a reply from the dog that looks back at her from her empty food bowl. Rosie does not receive a reply from the dogs in the clouds. George determines to take Rosie to the park. Will she make friends there? How do you make friends?


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