In Goodfellows, a case of mistaken identity leads to unintentional criminal activity when a dream family holiday goes terribly wrong. The Goodfellows are the perfect (though annoyingly smug) family. From helping the local community to scooping up prizes in school, there’s nothing they can’t do – and then tell you all about it.  They have just won the holiday of a lifetime to New York!

When the family touch down in The Big Apple, they overhear a gentleman looking for the ‘goodfellas’, they assume he’s there to pick them up.  However, the ‘gentleman’ is a Mafia mobster and they soon find themselves involved in a diamond robbery.  Then a senior gangster named Big Tony is thanking them for their impeccable work. It looks like everything for the Goodfellows is about to go very, very wrong …

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Tom McLaughlin

(Barrington Stoke)

The Goodfellows are an ordinary, mild-mannered family from Tunbridge Wells.  Mum is a social climber, Dad is a dentist, daughter Camilla is an ‘A’ grade student who lets everyone know about it, while Michael is, well, Michael.  Unable to dine one night at their favourite (very posh) restaurant, they end up in the slightly dodgy Gino’s pizzeria.  The food is awful, but amazingly they win a holiday in a lifetime in New York.
Arriving at JFK airport, they overhear a man asking for the ‘goodfellas’. Before they can say ‘Big Apple’ the family is whisked off into the city in a black limousine.  What they don’t know is the man is a Mafia mobster who has mistaken the family for a group of gangsters who have been hired to carry out a huge diamond robbery.  Forced into going along with the heist, matters quickly run seriously out of control for the hapless family.
This is another very funny caper from author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin.  The plot, although of course highly implausible, hurtles along at great pace and there are brilliant set pieces. The characters are well drawn and Tom McLaughlin has a great time poking fun at Mafia movie stereotypes.
Bookwagon sells several Tom McLaughlin stories, such as Attack of the Smart Speakers and The Day I Got Zapped With Superpowers.
Tom’s own web site is highly entertaining and packed full of reading and art resources.


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