Goodnight Max the Brave


‘Goodnight Max the Brave‘- you’ve bathed and brushed and cleaned behind your ears and now it’s time for sleep. ‘Goodnight, Fish!’ calls Max, ‘Goodnight Box, goodnight Spider, goodnight Moon’. There is no Moon. ‘Moon is nowhere to be seen.’

Max calls from the window, ventures outside, atop a sleeping dog, to a rooftop… Where is Moon?

Ed Vere’s bold images, vividly formed characters, and approachable story are endearing and engaging. Where is Moon? We urge Max on, while feeling concerned for him. We’re attached to Max!

Goodnight Max the Brave’ is a gorgeous early picture book. I venture it will be a popular choice for young readers, a ‘forever’ book that will withstand lots of loving reading and rereading.


Goodnight Max the Brave

Ed Vere

(Puffin)– board book

‘Goodnight Max the Brave‘, ‘Goodnight Moon!’ Yet Moon does not reply! Where is Moon? Max the Brave climbs atop a sleeping dog. Where is Moon? Onto a tall tree but still no Moon! Where is Moon? Will Max the Brave rouse Moon if he calls really, really loudly?


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