Goodnight Sun


What happens if Sun will not go to bed? If Sun insists that it’s staying up all night to glitter and shimmer and drink and shine? Then again, wouldn’t Sun be disappointed if nighttime doesn’t offer the same opportunities? Might Sun pack up and change course? Or might it determine to change the natural order? In fact, mightn’t Sun drink the Sea and then sprinkle rainbows ahead of playing hide and seek?

Yet, isn’t it hard to hide if you’re Sun? Then again, after a day of shining brightly and then efforts to stay awake through the night, mightn’t Sun be tired? Thereafter, who might tuck Sun in when it can’t stay awake any longer?

Alongside a beautiful story that’s perfect for bedtime sharing, we’ve bold, poster bright pictures, so competently sequenced. Altogether, Goodnight Sun is a wonderful picture book that we love and recommend.

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Goodnight Sun

Eoin McLaughlin and Morag Hood

(Faber & Faber)

The sun’s a ‘big ball of energy‘ that dances ‘across the sky’. However at the end of every day, it’s a case of Goodnight Sun. Then again, what if the sun’s determined to stay up? In fact, claims that it wants to ‘stay up aaaaaaaall night‘! Yet isn’t nighttime a time for ‘darkness‘ and ‘quiet and sleeping‘? Thereafter, what might Sun’s actions be? It seems that Sun’s in the mood for light and shimmering and more dancing!
Eoin McLauglin and Morag Hood of Dig Dig Digger and more, offer such an inspiring and beautiful picture book. This is ideal for sharing, wondering about and lingering over. Not only are the pictures brilliant, bold, animated and wonderfully sequenced, but there’s a familiar dance of going to bed. What’s more, we’ve Sun’s special talents to enjoy. After all, won’t nighttime be delayed through lots of Sea drinking and then Rainbow sprinkles? Then again, mightn’t weary Mountains and Cloud be seeking sleep? After all haven’t they been constant through the day? However who’s there for Sun’s tuck in? In fact could they reach out to nurture Sun’s dwindling energy so that it’s snuggled up ahead of a new day?
Bookwagon loves and recommends Goodnight Sun. What a beautiful picture book!


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