Grandad’s Camper

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Grandad’s cottage by the sea is great for investigating with its pieces from all his travels, and then the garden and the many rooms that are perfect for playing hide- in- seek. Yet the best thing to do is snuggle up with Grandad on the sofa and look over his photographs taken while he and Gramps travelled anywhere they liked, in their ‘little home on wheels’. 

Gramps loved adventures. It meant that he and Grandad surfed, camped by the seaside and thereafter sought to see ‘so many wonderful things in [the] world together’. 

It seems that ‘without Gramps’ nothing is as special for Grandad anymore. Yet might Grandad be encouraged to take on one more trip in the camper, that lies abandoned, looking ‘sorry for itself’. Maybe they could ‘camp on the beach’?

What a warm, reflective and loving picture book of memories and loss. Bookwagon loves the story and thereafter the David Hockney- spring colour rich pictures. They are photographic, thoughtful and consider past and present beautifully. Bookwagon recommends Grandad’s Camper to our readers.

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Grandad’s Camper

Harry Woodgate

(Andersen Press)

Grandad’s Camper once took Grandad and Gramps ‘everywhere’ that was full of life‘. They toured where ‘there were so many people, so many animals and so many things to see’. 
Yet now, Grandpa is on his own while the camper sits neglected, looking ‘sorry for itself‘. Once it was a ‘little home on wheels, which -[could be taken] wherever [they] pleased’. 
So what is to be done? It seems that Grandad’s house by the sea is pretty and a lovely place to stay. There are items collected ‘from Grandad’s travels’ and lots of places to play. The garden is an ideal place, for example. It means that the grandchild and Grandad have a lovely time together. Yet their ‘favourite thing to do is to snuggle up on the sofa and listen‘ to stories about Grandad and Gramps’ adventures.
Is it possible that the adventures might begin anew? Could Grandad be encouraged to get the ‘little home on wheels‘ repairs that tt might ‘take one more trip’?
Harry Woodgate offers a warm, reflective and truly inclusive story of memories, adventure and love. It is matter-of-fact and unquestioning in its relationships, so that we realise the loss of Grandad, while understanding the love shared between all characters. What’s more the illustrations, which are David Hockney Normandy light, are glorious. It seems as though we’re strolling through the photograph books with grandfather and grandchild, empathising and remembering, too. Bookwagon loves this thoughtful, informed title, that shares themes with Nen and the Lonely Fisherman, while being its own, beautiful story.


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  1. Paula Hale

    This is a 5 star masterpiece. It is a beautful book with exquisite illustrations, I have read it over and over and each time I spot something new. I will be ordering more copies for gifts, as well as the school ones. It is essential for all schools. Stunning!

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