Grandma Bird


Noi is going to stay with his ‘Grandma Bird’. She lives a long way away on a tiny rock in the middle of the ocean. She snores like a walrus, drinks seaweed soup and keeps her teeth in a jar. ‘Grandma Bird‘ has little time to play, so Noi explores the tiny rock.

He wanders over the wet sand, investigates the rock pools and arrives at a big rock. As the tide turns, Noi finds himself on a rescue mission, needing a rescue in return! Who will help him out?

The tight, word perfect text is expanded upon by wide, open-ended pictures. We sense there is so much to discover and be revealed in Noi’s paradise life. There are so many questions too, e..g, Noi’s friends? Wider family? Why Grandma Bird lives alone on her rocky outpost.

‘Grandma Bird‘ is one of Benji Davies’ superb ‘Storm Whale‘ series, following the life of Noi- Storm Whale and The Storm Whale in Winter. ‘Grandma Bird’ like the other titles, is a satisfying, rich read. Readers love realising Noi’s experiences. They are unique and wonderful. Benji Davies is a unique, special picture book maker.


Grandma Bird

Benji Davies

(Simon & Schuster)

It’s summer and Noi is off to stay with ‘Grandma Bird’ on her tiny rock. Grandma Bird snores like a walrus and keeps her teeth in a jar. Noi decides to explore Grandma’s rock. What will he discover?


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