Grandmas from Mars


‘Eat up your greens./ Stop picking your nose. Give Grandma a kiss. What Grandma says goes.’ Grandmas are reliable childminders. They put their grandchildren to bed at reasonable hours after healthy evening meals. On Mars, there’s a plan brewing to replace the grandmas with Martian imposters!

We follow the mayhem and disobedience that arises from the arrival of the ‘Grandmas from Mars‘! Will the children realise the deception? How can they recover their grandmothers?

This silly, wonderful, wildly action-packed, rhyming title is a delight. It’s sure to be a favourite with early readers and their grandmothers. We love the bulbous eyed grandmothers, the frenzied, comedic activity and crafty rhyme. It’s ‘Good thinking’ to ‘grab.. Grandmas from Mars‘ for a truly enjoyable reading experience.


Grandmas from Mars

Michelle Robinson and Fred Blunt


When Grandma comes to child mind, you’re in safe hands aren’t you? Aren’t you? This space-soaring, tongue- twiddling rhyming picture book suggests readers may need to check their grandmothers! Imposters may be afoot! ‘Grandmas from Mars‘ is a daft, imaginative picture book to be enjoyed as a bedtime story or shared read, or to be chuckled over, alone.


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